what are the best mini pc brands and models to choose from
what are the best mini pc brands and models to choose from

Whether you’re looking for a compact yet powerful device for work or entertainment, mini PCs have much to offer. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which brands and models stand out from the rest.

To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a comprehensive guide exploring top-rated mini PC brands and their standout models. From the sleek and efficient designs to the impressive performance capabilities, this article will highlight the best choices available.

So, if you’re ready to discover the perfect mini PC that suits your needs and preferences, let’s dig in! When choosing a mini PC, there are several factors to consider. Each aspect is crucial in determining the best option for your needs, from processing power to connectivity.

This comprehensive article will explore the top mini PC brands and their respective models, giving you a detailed overview of what each has to offer. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of mini PCs!

Factors to Consider

Processing Power

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a mini PC is its processing power. This determines the speed and efficiency with which the system can handle tasks.

Mini PCs generally come with various processors, from entry-level options to more high-end ones. Choosing a mini PC with a processor that aligns with your requirements is essential, whether you need a powerhouse for intensive tasks or a more budget-friendly option for everyday use.

Storage Options

Alongside processing power, storage options are crucial. Mini PCs typically offer various storage options, including solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs are known for faster read and write speeds, making them ideal for quick boot times and rapid file transfers. On the other hand, HDDs offer larger storage capacities at a lower cost. Consider your storage needs and budget when selecting a mini PC.

Graphics Capabilities

If you plan to use your mini PC for gaming or graphic design activities, graphics capabilities become a vital consideration. Mini PCs come with integrated or dedicated graphics cards. Integrated graphics are suitable for everyday tasks and light gaming, while dedicated graphics cards enhance performance for more demanding applications. Assess your graphical requirements to ensure you choose a mini PC that can handle your desired activities.


Connectivity is another crucial factor to consider. Mini PCs should offer various ports and connectivity options to accommodate peripherals and devices. Look for mini PCs with USB ports, HDMI ports, audio jacks, and other necessary connections to ensure compatibility with your preferred devices and accessories.

Operating System Compatibility

Ensure that your mini PC is compatible with your preferred operating system. Most mini PCs come with Windows, but some models also support Linux and Chrome OS. Consider your familiarity with different operating systems and choose accordingly. Additionally, check if the mini PC supports the specific version of the operating system you prefer to avoid any compatibility issues.

Size and Form Factor

As the name suggests, mini PCs are designed to be compact and space-saving. However, they still come in different sizes and form factors. Consider the space where you plan to set up your mini PC and choose a size and form factor that fits your requirements. Whether you need a tiny device that can be discreetly tucked away or a slightly larger one with more expansion options, there’s a mini PC to suit your needs.


Of course, price is always a significant consideration when purchasing any electronic device. Mini PCs vary in price depending on their specifications, brand, and additional features. Set a budget and compare the options within that range to find the best value for your money. Remember to consider not only the initial cost but also the long-term durability and performance of the mini PC.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Listening to the experiences of other users can provide valuable insight into the quality and performance of a mini PC. Read customer reviews and ratings of the models you’re considering to understand their real-world performance. Look for reviews specific to your intended use case, whether gaming, media streaming, office work, or any other application.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is essential to consider when investing in a mini PC. Reputable brands are more likely to provide reliable products with good customer support. Research and determine which brands have a strong track record in the mini PC market. Look for brands that prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

After-sales Service

Lastly, consider the after-sales service provided by the manufacturers. A good warranty and responsive customer support can make a significant difference if you encounter any issues with your mini PC. Check the warranty period and the available support channels to ensure you’ll have assistance if anything goes wrong.

Now that we’ve covered the factors to consider let’s explore the top mini PC brands and their notable models.

Top Mini PC Brands

Intel NUC

Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a household name for mini PCs. Known for their compact design and powerful performance, Intel NUCs are favored by many users. Some notable models include:

  • NUC10i7FNH: Powered by a 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, this NUC offers exceptional processing power in a small form factor.
  • NUC8i7BEH: Equipped with an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, this NUC delivers impressive application performance.
  • NUC9i9QNX: Designed for enthusiasts and power users, this NUC features a 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and customizable components.
  • NUC11PHKi7C: The 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor ensures smooth multitasking and seamless performance in this NUC.
  • NUC11TNKi5C: This NUC combines an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics for a well-rounded computing experience.

ASUS VivoMini

ASUS VivoMini is another famous brand known for its compact and functional mini PCs. Offering a range of options, ASUS VivoMini caters to various needs. Noteworthy models include:

  • VC66: The VC66 is a versatile mini PC suitable for office work and entertainment, with a selection of Intel processors and ample connectivity options.
  • PN60: This mini PC combines performance and portability, making it an excellent choice for home and business use.
  • UN65: The UN65 is a fanless mini PC that offers a quiet computing experience while delivering ample power for everyday tasks.
  • VC68V: Designed for digital signage and multimedia applications, the VC68V offers efficient performance and robust connectivity options.
  • VC65: With its modular design, the VC65 allows for easy upgrades and customization, making it a flexible choice for different requirements.

HP EliteDesk Mini

HP EliteDesk Mini is a reliable brand recognized for its powerful mini PCs tailored to business needs. Notable models include:

  • 800 G6 Mini: Equipped with the latest Intel processors, the 800 G6 Mini provides high-performance and security features for professional use.
  • 705 G5 Mini: This mini PC offers a balance of power and affordability, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • 800 G5 Desktop Mini: Designed for demanding workloads, the 800 G5 Desktop Mini provides enterprise-level performance and security features.
  • ProDesk 600 G5 Mini: Offering expandable storage options and robust security features, the ProDesk 600 G5 Mini is an excellent choice for professional use.
  • ProDesk 400 G6 Mini: The ProDesk 400 G6 Mini is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise performance or reliability.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny mini PCs are known for their durability and versatility. Some notable models include:

  • M75n Nano Desktop: Ultra-compact and energy-efficient, the M75n Nano Desktop is perfect for small spaces or as a media center.
  • M720 Tiny: Offering powerful performance and extensive customization options, the M720 Tiny is suitable for various applications.
  • M75q Gen 2: Designed to focus on security and manageability, the M75q Gen 2 is ideal for business environments.
  • M90n Nano IoT: The M90n Nano IoT is specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, offering reliability and connectivity.
  • M630e Tiny: With a balance of performance and affordability, the M630e Tiny is a reliable option for everyday computing needs.

Dell OptiPlex Micro

Dell OptiPlex Micro mini PCs are known for their robust performance and excellent build quality. Notable models include:

  • 7090 Ultra: The 7090 Ultra stands out with its innovative modular design, allowing users to easily customize and upgrade their mini PC.
  • 5080 Micro: Offering expandable storage options and versatile connectivity, the 5080 Micro is suitable for various business needs.
  • 7080 Micro: Designed for high-performance computing, the 7080 Micro provides mighty processing power and ample storage options.
  • 3070 Micro: The 3070 Micro combines compact design with powerful performance, making it an excellent choice for small offices or home use.
  • 5070 Micro: With its versatile configuration options, the 5070 Micro caters to different workloads and user requirements.

Gigabyte BRIX

Gigabyte BRIX mini PCs are known for their sleek design and high-performance capabilities. Noteworthy models include:

  • GB-BRi7H-10710: Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, this BRIX offers exceptional performance and versatility.
  • GB-BRi5H-10210: With an Intel Core i5 processor, the GB-BRi5H-10210 delivers reliable performance for various tasks.
  • GB-BRi3H-10110: Equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor, this BRIX is a budget-friendly option for everyday use.
  • GB-BRi7H-1165G7: The GB-BRi7H-1165G7 features an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, delivering impressive performance and energy efficiency.
  • GB-BRi3H-1115G4: This BRIX combines an 11th-generation Intel Core i3 processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics for smooth multitasking.


ZOTAC ZBOX mini PCs are known for their compact size and powerful performance. Notable models include:

  • CI622 Nano: Offering robust performance with an Intel Core i5 processor, the CI622 Nano is an excellent choice for various applications.
  • M MAGNUS EN72070S: Designed for gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, the M MAGNUS EN72070S provides exceptional graphics capabilities and processing power.
  • CI642 Nano: With an Intel Core i5 processor and support for multiple storage devices, the CI642 Nano is suitable for both work and entertainment.
  • M MAGNUS EN52060V: This mini PC has an NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card, making it suitable for VR gaming and demanding applications.
  • CI620 Nano: The CI620 Nano is a compact and energy-efficient mini PC that provides reliable performance for everyday computing tasks.

Apple Mac mini

Apple Mac mini is a popular choice for users within the Apple ecosystem. Known for its sleek design and powerful performance, the Mac mini offers a seamless integration with other Apple devices. While the specific models vary, each iteration of the Mac mini comes with Apple’s latest technology and optimization.

Acer Chromebox

Acer Chromebox mini PCs are ideal for users who prefer the simplicity and security of the Chrome OS. Notable models include various configurations of the Acer Chromebox, each offering Google’s Chrome operating system and a range of connectivity options.

MSI Cubi

MSI Cubi mini PCs combine performance and compact design, making them suitable for various user requirements. Noteworthy models include:

  • Cubi 5 10M: Powered by 10th generation Intel Core processors, the Cubi 5 10M offers excellent office work and entertainment performance.
  • Cubi N 8GL: This fanless mini PC provides quiet operation and energy efficiency with its Intel Celeron processor.
  • Cubi N: The Cubi N is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise performance, offering versatile connectivity and storage options.
  • Cubi 5 10M (Business & Productivity): Designed for business and productivity applications, this model delivers reliable performance and security features.
  • Cubi 5 10M (Gaming): Equipped with dedicated graphics, the Cubi 5 10M (Gaming) offers an excellent gaming experience in a compact form factor.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to mini PCs. Consider the important factors to you, narrow down your choices, and compare the specifications and features of the models that catch your interest.

Ultimately, the best mini PC for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Happy mini PC hunting!

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