CR123A batteries are non-rechargeable batteries that contain lithium 3.0 volts, have long shelf lives, high capacities, and low internal resistance, and are widely used in all sorts of devices that need short bursts of power, including standby and backup devices.

Many battery brands manufacture CR123A batteries, often under different labels.

The LiMnO2 3.0 volt CR123A battery has the same dimensions as the LiMnO2 3.0 volt CR123A battery but is formulated differently, with differing features and specifications.

Specifications and Features of CR123A Batteries

Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) CR123A is a non-rechargeable battery that operates at 3.0 volts and has a nominal capacity of approximately 1500 mAh.

CR123A batteries have dimensions (H x D) of 34.5 x 17 mm (*1.3583 x 0.6693 inches) and weigh*16-17 grams (~0.60 ounces).

The CR123A battery also features a very low self-discharge rate, sometimes as low as 1% per year, ensuring it will last a very long time.

The CR123A battery is extremely popular and is found in various devices, including cameras, flashlights, toys, security systems, dog collars, and similar devices.

When you label a lithium battery, you have to mark it with a lot of information. The information you have to put on the label is called the part number. The part number has to be written in a certain way. For example, the part number for a CR123A battery is CR123A.

It can, however, confuse and even cause devices powered by such batteries issues if similar labels are used to identify different battery chemistries.

Batteries 34.5 x 17.0 mm, non-rechargeable

These are ‘standard’ lithium 3.0V CR123A batteries measuring 34.5 x 17.0 mm and are not rechargeable.

CR-123A, CR17345, CR123, DL123A, and similar products are additional non-rechargeable lithium 3.0V batteries.

However, many manufacturers also use the standard CR123A label to avoid confusion to the greatest extent possible.

Rechargeable Batteries with a dimension of 34.5 x 17.0 mm

The RCR123A, 17345, 17340, 17335, and 16340 are commonly used labels depending on the exact dimensions of the battery, which may differ by just a fraction of a millimeter and still fit into the standard CR123A battery compartments.

There are 650-700 mAh and 3.2 – 3.7 volt RCR123A batteries, but they can still be recharged hundreds of times (chemistry dependent).

Since they do not self-discharge as fast as CR123A batteries, you need to recharge them periodically, even if you are not using them.

The RCR123A and CR123A batteries differ in voltage, so they aren’t always compatible – most devices can accept both types of batteries, but before replacing CR123A batteries with RCR123A batteries, check your device’s Owner’s Guide.

Unlike unprotected RCR123A batteries, protected RCR123A batteries are equipped with electronic boards that monitor battery parameters and prevent undesirable events such as over-discharge, over-charge, overload, and short-circuit.

The best RCR123A batteries should always be protected over unprotected RCR123A batteries. Therefore, only charge them with chargers designed for such storms.

RCR123A vs. LiR17335 Battery

There’s only one difference between LiR17335 and RCR123A batteries, which is the size:

  • The LiR17335 has dimensions of 33.5 x 17.0 mm,
  • The RCR123A has dimensions of 34.5 x 17.0mm.

Physically, there is very little difference, just a 1 mm height difference, and many manufacturers don’t even bother to use different labels on these batteries – they stamp RCR123A on them.

You will find a LiR17335 battery on the internet; it is the same as an RCR123A battery, just perhaps a little shorter.

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RCR123A vs. 17340 Battery

There are several similarities between the 17340 battery and the RCR123A battery in terms of how they function. They only have slightly different dimensions, however:

  • The dimensions of 17340 are 34.0 x 17.0 mm,
  • The RCR123A has dimensions of 34.5 x 17.0mm.

Physical differences, in practice, are often not as significant as the manufacturing process accuracy of certain brands.

You should pay attention to the exact chemistry type (output voltage) if You run across a 17340 battery, an RCR123A battery.

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A comparison of BR17335 with BR-2/3A and CR123A battery

There is no difference in the width between the CR123A and A size batteries, but the CR123A has *2/3 of the height of the A size battery:

  • A CR123A battery measures 34.5 mm by 17.0 mm,
  • An A-size battery measures 50.0 x 17.0 mm.
  • Two-thirds of 50 millimeters equals 33.333 millimeters.

Because of this, 2/3 A batteries such as CR123A are sometimes listed as 34.5 x 17.0 mm batteries.

As BR batteries, they are non-rechargeable carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries, and they have nominal voltages between 2.8-3.0 volts, cutoff voltages between 2.0-2.25 volts, and 1200 mAh.

However, the carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries have an extremely wide temperature range and have remarkably low self-discharge rates, often below 1% annually.

BR-2/3A and BR17335 lithium batteries are often carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries, denoting their chemistry and physical size.

How to Choose Replacement Batteries?

You must be careful when replacing batteries. Even though finding a new one with the same dimensions may seem straightforward, the stakes are high.

If you choose the wrong output or the wrong chemistry, you can damage the device. It is usually only possible to replace a lithium battery with another lithium-chemistry battery.


Secondly, if the machine drains the battery beyond its capacity, there is a risk of damage to the battery. Finally, the manufacturer’s specifications may also prevent some brands from being compatible.

You could end up losing money if your batteries do not work, which would be the best-case scenario. 

Be sure to think about some important factors before taking the plunge, such as:

Non-rechargeable versus rechargeable

However, it’s not always the best idea to be able to avoid buying replacement batteries. 

Most rechargeable batteries cannot handle the higher voltage of some devices. If you are looking for a replacement, you should stick with Duracell 123 batteries.

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The output of the device 

For high output devices like your camera, lithium cells are the best rechargeable equivalents of 123 batteries. 

The Duracell 123 battery, for example, has a long-lasting power of over ten years, even for low output devices.

The batteries need only be replaced a few times over the device’s lifetime so that you won’t need a rechargeable one.

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