This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Matrix Keyboards.

We recommend using Matrix Elite Series 60% Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard, Gateron Switches, RGB Professional Gaming Keyboard, 61 Keys, Doubleshot PBT keycaps, Hot Swappable – Black/ Black/Blue as it is available at a reasonable price.

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A matrix keyboard is an input device that consists of a grid of buttons, with one row per key.

It allows more freedom in the mapping between keys and commands than traditional keyboards do.

This technology has existed since 1982 but was only recently made available to consumers due to its high price point.

What are your thoughts on this new development?

Do you believe it will take off or not? Why or why not?

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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The Best Matrix Keyboards

Matrix Keyboards is committed to providing the best typing experience possible.

After reading this blog post, we hope you will know more about our keyboards and how they can improve your productivity.

If you have questions or want to purchase a keyboard, please contact us today!

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Smart Duck XS61 PRO 60% mechanical keyboard rgb switch led software type c hot swappable macro program blue red brown black|Keyboards| - AliExpress

Theoretically, you can work with a PC without a keyboard – purchase a touch monitor.

Keyboards by Matrix are pretty popular. But such a thing is expensive, not to mention that typing with it is sheer torture. That is why computer keyboards will be famous for a long time.

That is why I choose to talk about the best matrix keyboards today. So, let’s learn about the best matrix keyboards here.

Best Matrix Keyboards:

Office consoles follow the similar straightforward plan of the 80s: the essential arrangement of keys utilized by Windows, in addition to fundamentals like Pause/Break and Scroll Lock.

Their motivation is to be a helpful info gadget; when the essential usefulness is sufficient, the most extremely accessible improvement in them is the presence of a USB connector “nearby.”

Media consoles have a lengthy arrangement of capacities, which can be executed with an extra line of buttons and “in a PC way” by holding down a different Fn key in the mix with the F-column keys.

The capacity to rapidly change the volume, switch tracks, and call much of the time utilized programs (usually the default program, mail client, etc.) is quite helpful, which has prompted the ubiquity of consoles.

Gaming consoles are, above all else, planned and frequently kitsch. In any case, this class likewise has its regular highlights that gamers need, for instance, extra deftly programmable keys that can append macros to them. If the producer of the gaming console ably moves toward ergonomics out of nowhere, it will become helpful for working with vast volumes of text.

A Matrix keyboard is an information gadget that comprises a matrix of buttons, with one line for each key. It takes more opportunity in the planning among keys and orders than conventional consoles do. So, see below the Best Matrix Keyboards.

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Matrix Elite Series 60% Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard, Gateron Switches, Black/Blue:

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The model from Matrix opens our ranking of the best keyboards. Just taking a good keyboard and attaching a Bluetooth module for Logitech to it didn’t seem very interesting; the designers also worked on it.

The keyboard is genuinely beautiful, and besides, it infringed on the “holy” for lovers of products “with an apple” – it is also compatible with macOS. The “twist” on the top left can be used in applications as an additional manipulator – for example, in products from Adobe.

True, application software developers are not mainly in a hurry to introduce support for a single specific keyboard model – so usually, you have to “hang” the wheel on the volume, but this is convenient!

Keys – island, notebook type. Despite the visual lightness, the keyboard weighs almost a kilogram, so it stands in a place like a glove. Tactile, especially with touch typing, is very comfortable. The built-in battery provides good autonomy, and the increasingly popular type-C is used for charging, making it the best Matrix Keyboard.

The backlight works as it should and automatically adapts to light; a built-in sensor is used. There is also a proximity sensor – if you remove your hands from the keyboard, the backlight will automatically turn off, saving the battery that makes it one of the best Matrix Keyboards.

Bluetooth allows you to work simultaneously with three wireless devices. For example, by “pairing” an additional smartphone, you can print responses to messages coming to it directly from the computer keyboard, quickly switch instantly to it, and then return to working with the PC in the same way.


  • Build quality
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Good autonomy
  • Availability of light and proximity sensors


  • The critical layout takes some getting used to
  • Not the most beneficial “wheel” in practice

Matrix Elite Series 60% Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard, Gateron Switches, White/Yellow: matrix elite series 60% keyboard

If you prefer compact 64-key keyboards that maximize the area of ​​the panel, then this model may be of interest. The manufacturer itself positions it as “designed for programmers and people of creative professions,” in other words, for those who often have a lot of hitting all the keys and not getting by with the standard gaming set.

We have, in fact, the Matrix Elite Series 60% Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard, Gateron Switches, which has already managed to get into our rating, devoid of an encoder. This is one of the best Matrix Keyboards.

Matrix Elite Series 60% Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard, Gateron Switches here have a short stroke and “intelligent” backlight (using light sensors and proximity of hands).

The light is somewhat annoying at a large angle between the keyboard and the direction of view, but this will only prevent amateurs from laying it on their stomachs or lying on the couch. As for the convenience of typing, the keys are undoubtedly one of the best in their class at the moment – in terms of tactile and acoustic, there is practically no noise from the legends, which makes these the best Matrix Keyboards.

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Connection to a computer through the bundled Unifying dongle or via Bluetooth. While charging, the keyboard goes into “wired” mode. The power source is a built-in lithium-ion battery. The declared autonomy is up to 10 days; the type-C port is used for charging.

Working with three devices is supported; the Easy-Switch button quickly switches between them. The keyboard is also compatible with Logitech mice that support Logitech Flow technology – the simultaneous control of multiple computers with the ability to “drag and drop” data from one to another.

As soon as the mouse “passes” from one computer to another, the direction of data output from the keyboard automatically switches. True, Logitech did not wholly “lick” this technology, especially when all devices are on different operating systems.

Because of the “multi-system” layout, the layout is specific here – for example, “Alt,” familiar to Windows users, is simultaneously marked for “apple” as “Cmd.”


  • Good autonomy
  • Convenience
  • Automatic backlight control
  • macOS compatible
  • Multi-device support


  • “Damp” software
  • Small Left Shift
  • Sensitivity to interference from 2.4 GHz routers

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