Best Keyboards For Writers in 2021
Best Keyboards For Writers in 2021

The keyboard is among the most used computer components.

And yet, we pay the slightest attention to buying a keyboard.

If you are a writer and need a keyboard for writing, we’ve put together some shopping tips for the best keyboards for writers.


Types Of Keyboards in 2024

Connection MethodWe have wired and wireless keyboards depending on how you connect your keyboard to your computer.

Unlike the mouse, which we constantly move so the wire can easily bother us, the keyboard usually stays in place. Unless you like to move the keyboard to your lap and use it casually leaning back in your armchair, the wire from the keyboard, in the vast majority of cases, won’t bother you at all.

Wired keyboards have a shorter response time, are more durable, and you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. But if you opt for a wireless keyboard, you can choose between RF and Bluetooth.

The RF keyboard uses a radio connection. It usually operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. With it, you get a tiny USB receiver that you plug into your computer, and it starts the keyboard. If you also have an RF mouse, connect it to the same receiver and save one USB port.

It also means that other devices that use the same frequency, such as a microwave and cordless phone, can interfere with the keyboard.

The Bluetooth keyboard does not need a USB port and is ideal for mobile phones, tablets, or smart TVs. Also, Bluetooth is more reliable than RF and is less likely to experience interference.

However, Bluetooth keyboards require more frequent charging and batteries than RF keyboards.

A particular category in the wireless keyboards category is portable keyboards.

Portable keyboards.

These are usually mini keyboards that you can easily store and carry with you or another smart device. Silicodeviceboards can be fully rolled up and stored in a pocket or bag.

Although they are great for travel because of their water and dust resistance, easier cleaning, and easy portability, silicone keyboards are not designed for everyday office work.

Want to work on the train on the way to work? Great choice. Writing a thesis on a silicone keyboard? Not really.


Depending on the materials, we distinguish:

As the name suggests, rubber dome keyboards use small rubber caps under each key that send a signal to the computer when pressed.

Membrane keyboards are intended for laptops. More popular than they are are membrane keyboards with a large rubber surface connecting all the keys. They are simpler and cheaper to produce – and therefore cost less.

Lately, mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular. Each essential has a spring that returns it to its home position when we press it.

mechanical keyboards

They are nothing new. Mechanical keyboards were the first keyboards to appear. However, after a while, they were replaced by cheaper membrane keyboards.

The most significant advantage of mechanical keyboards is their durability and precision.

Due to the mechanical mechanism, it is much more challenging to press more keys at once accidentally, so there are fewer typists. You will write more accurately and better.

Mechanical keyboards are significantly less worn and easier to clean. But that’s why they require more pressure during use and are much louder than their membrane counterparts.

ergonomic keyboard

You may not have thought about this, but the shape of the keyboard can make it much easier – or harder – to use.

A handy feature is the ability to position the keyboard at a certain height, mainly if multiple people use it. To make life easier for your joints, consider an extra armrest.

The ideal solution is to try the ergonomic keyboard with a friend or colleague.


Whether you’re a night bird and love to type in the dark or want a backlit keyboard for a better gaming experience, the choice is enormous.

There are two types of lighting:

  • lighting around the button
  • illumination of the switch itself

Illuminating the key is more convenient because you will better see which letter or character you choose instead of lighting around the key.

There are keyboards where the lighting can be programmed to make specific keys brighter than others, or you can set certain lighting effects.

Illuminated wireless keyboards are rare because light consumes much battery power, so you’ll generally have to choose between wired keyboards.

Lighting is more a luxury than something your keyboard can’t do without. Unless there’s an explicit reason why you want a backlit keyboard, there’s no need to set aside a bigger budget for it.

The Purpose of the Keyboard

What kind of keyboard you buy depends on how much and what you use it for. For example, someone using the keyboard several times a week will need a different device than a semi-professional or professional writer.

Keyboards for Writers

A mechanical keyboard is also a good choice if you are a journalist, blogger, or student or use the keyboard for a few hours a day. Frequent use will be made more accessible by the ergonomic keyboard.

Wired keyboards are a better choice than wireless ones. In a signal loss or low battery, it will interfere unnecessarily.

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List of the Best Keyboards for Writers in 2024

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Here is the detailed product information for the best keyboards for writers available to buy on Amazon right now!

In the below list, we will present you the best ten keyboards for writers in 2024:

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Final Thoughts

When we need a new keyboard, most will walk into the store and take the cheapest one.

But the slightest change can make a big difference if you spend most of the day behind the keyboard.

When choosing a keyboard, please consider how you will use it.

The point is to make the keyboard work easier, faster, and more efficient.

In case the keyboard is not the only peripheral you need, we have also prepared a guide for buying a mouse.

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