The Hisense 55 4K Roku TV U7QF is a razor-sharp 4K TV that offers a lot for its mid-range price, excellent picture quality, and comprehensive HDR support—starting at just £599 (for the 50″ model).

It packs in Dolby Atmos passthrough and enables upscaling from HD sources, but you’ll probably want to invest some extra money into soundbars that can drive 20W speakers built-in here without issue.

There is a lack of Disney Plus and HDR10+ support, but this 4K TV still looks spectacular for the most part with its 8-bit +FRC solution. It provides an excellent balance between price and performance, even though those sacrifices also come along.

However, if you’re looking for something more than just average in terms of features, it might not be your best option because there isn’t much app support outside of Netflix (which has been steadily improving).

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Price

The Hisense U7QF is a budget TV that costs under $500. It has 50-, 55- and 65-inch options available, with prices ranging from £599 for the smallest size up to £999 on sale as of now (retail pricing). 

You can find it retailing in this range – neither too affordable nor truly high-end but rather an option between those two extremes! The next model after last year’s flagship Quantum Series will be cheaper than before, though. So expect more features without sacrificing performance. 

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Specifications

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Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Design

Hisense U7QF is the perfect addition to your home theatre system. With a sleek design and advanced hardware, this television offers excellent performance for both games and movies. It also includes four HDMI ports with one supporting ARC. 

So you can direct audio directly from it without needing additional speakers on hand; not only does Hisense make things easy – they keep them stylish too by sporting minimal bezel around each screen (no more than necessary).

The remote is an understated, stylish addition to your living room. It’s light and slim with rigid plastic buttons that make it easy to press-and they’re all in the right places. In a world full of cheaply-made remotes, this one may stand out as relatively extraordinary, thanks partly to its compact design inside an already crowded television market.

But if not for those features, we would have likely forgotten all about them after setting up our home theatre system last week. You’ll also get a dedicated Netflix/YouTube button, Rakuten TV, and Prime Video (and their corresponding apps). 

Plus, there’s Freeview Play, which lets you access Youtube or stream Hulu anywhere around the house without having an internet connection handy at any given time.

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Smart Features

Built-In Alexa

The new smart TVs from Hisense feature an intuitive user experience that integrates seamlessly into your home’s Wi-Fi network making it easy as pie (without having too many remotes).

While providing access via physical buttons and custom skill support on Amazon Echo devices, there are no limits when using these awesome gadgets together.

Game Mode

The Hisense U7QF is a gaming monitor that features Game Mode. This mode reduces input lag to less than 20ms, ensuring quicker reaction times and letting you stay ahead of the opposition in fast-paced action games such as adventure or sports titles.

In addition, this new technology also provides an industry-leading response time of 1/1000th second. It has been designed with gamers’ competitive nature so they can take on opponents from around the world without worrying about being left behind because their console was too slow at loading graphics.

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | VIDAA U 4.0

The U7QF is the first television to use a proprietary operating system called VIDAA. This innovative new OS was developed with one goal in mind. You are making your home cinema experience more enjoyable by simplifying everything.

The clean interface allows users to easily organize apps how they want while still controlling when or where these changes happen without returning to settings all day long just because something isn’t working right offhand.

The VIDAA Smart TV is made even smarter with the latest version. The launcher offers custom displays of your favorite apps, like Netflix or YouTube, for example – making it easier than ever to find content without having too many options on hand at once.

You can also choose one-click access buttons that lead you straight into more Apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV, and Freeview Play if they are not already installed onto this device, making accessing streaming services much more straightforward than before. Thanks again for VIAA’s innovative redesign.

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Picture Quality

The Hisense U7QF is an excellent TV for those looking to upscale their 4K display. Although it can’t show native HDvi, the upscaling abilities of this set made watching classic British comedies such as Hot Fuzz look sharp and detailed without any grainy filters. 

You often get from substandard units on lower-end TVs where brightness control, however, stands out more than average because its performance exceeds 700 nit peak luminance at critical points and doesn’t have much is blooming in surrounding pixels when needed most.

The 4K picture is crystal-sharp and can make the rich red of a patterned blouse and dull khaki colors look sharply color accurate. In addition, this HDR video shows deep saturated purples with fantastic depth that cannot be seen on regular high-definition TVs without SDR support.

With its motion control, the U7QF suffers when scenes change quickly or cut to another. In addition, varying camera angles can interrupt frames with artifacts that are too slow for their excellent- disrupting your viewing experience when trying to watch Jason Statham’s flick The Mechanic just as it starts getting exciting.

This won’t be much of an issue for thrillers and action movies because they rely more heavily on quick movements than long pans over expansive scenery.

Hisense 55 4k Roku Tv | Sound Quality

The Hisense U7QF is an excellent TV for its price. The built-in speakers only amount to 20W, so don’t expect anything extraordinary from them, but the sound quality holds up even when playing at higher volumes. 

And it’s never harsh or grating, which makes this one of my favorite TVs in low-midrange situations where you need some extra equipment since there isn’t much bass either way, but that doesn’t bother me because what matters most? These types of TVs are their mid-range drivers anyway.

Dolby Atmos is a great sound format, but the television itself won’t be able to show you how it was meant.

That’s where linking up your set and connecting via HDMI ARC comes into play; this allows for Dolby surround-sound goodness that would otherwise not be available on these sets– provided they’re equipped with speakers compatible with Atmos.

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Final Verdict

The Hisense U7QF is an excellent razor-sharp 4K TV that offers a lot for its mid-range price, with the picture looking just as good upscaling HD sources and natively displaying in HDR.

This set has some issues regarding motion control or half-baked intelligent features, but if you’re on the market for your first high-end device, then we highly recommend this one.

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