The best smart TV under $300 is here to save the day. These affordable models have everything you need and more, including motion control features that allow users full access without having an additional remote in hand or a headset for audio assistance.

Whether you are streaming videos on the internet or watching TV, an intelligent television has many benefits.

Not only do they have access to everything available at your fingertips, but they also offer convenience with apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus, which can watch offline, so you don’t need an active Internet connection 24/7.

Suppose you’re curious about what TV I should get in 2024, To compete in this intelligent age. Then this article will resolve this enigma because we have enlisted some of the best smart TVs under $300, which are full of advanced and latest features that will take your watching experience to the next level.

Best Smart TV Under $300 | Top Picks

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Hisense 40-Inch 40H5500F Class H55 Series Android Smart TV with Voice Remote (2020 Model)

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Key Features

The smart H55 Hisense TV under $300 has everything you need for a hassle-free experience. This television includes 2 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port (for internet connectivity and direct streaming), and two USB ports to conveniently charge your devices or transfer files between them.

It also features digital audio output, which allows the user, without an optical cable distribution amplifier, to easily convert 5V sound signal from DVDs/Blu-rays into RCA analog plugs to be played on most home stereo systems around town.


Hisense’s h55 series smart TVs have a fast refresh rate and image processing for clear images. In addition, the cantorial is up to 120 frames per second, minimizing picture lag so you don’t miss any of the action in fast-paced sports or games with their motion rate technology.

The VESA measurements are 100 x 200 millimeters/m6 for wall mounting purposes. Still, only one mount is included – it would be best suited towards permanent installations like an actual TV stand, considering how small they’re relative to other models within this line.

You can also control the Hisense TV with your voice. The remote is easy to use and has features like opening apps or searching for favorite shows. You can also control volume and inputs here – making this even more accessible. In short, it is considered one of the best TVs under $300 in 2024.

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VIZIO 40-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TV with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast Built-in, Screen Mirroring for Second Screens, & 150+ Free Streaming Channels

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Key Features

The beautiful design and intuitive interface of the VIZIO smart TV under $300 enables you to stream dirt-cheap cable or HD antenna channels without selling your soul. Streaming is so easy there are no excuses not to get one.

The Full-Array LED backlight distributes light evenly across a widescreen, delivering excellent contrast levels with perfect color consistency for vivid visuals no matter where on the screen – even from edge-to-side-lit upscaling 1080p content down to 480i standard definition quality.

With the V-Gaming Engine of VIZIO’s best TV under $300, you can now experience games like never before. Auto Game Mode and Variable Refresh Rate technology smooth out gameplay without lag between button presses or movements on the screen.

Also, the D-Series has the lowest input lag for lightning-fast touch response times, which will improve your gaming skills flourish. There are also apps such as Netflix®, Disney+, and YouTube™ – to name a few top-tier streaming services available right at your fingertips through our intuitive navigation interface, allowing instant access anywhere in the house (even if there’s no wifi).

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Insignia NS-39DF310NA21 39-inch Smart HD 720p TV – Fire TV

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Key Features

What’s better than a smart TV under $300 that allows you to view your favorite shows and movies in crisp, high definition and keeps the device churning out new updates for over-the-air software? 

The best thing about this Insignia model is how quickly it can connect with all its features. With dual-band WiFI capability and three HDMI ports available on one unit (with an additional 2 USB inputs), there isn’t anything this television won’t be able to do.

You’re tired of paying high cable and satellite bills but still want your favorite shows delivered straight to TV. Fire TV Edition allows cord-cutters like yourself with an HD antenna or streaming services like Netflix to get live over-the-air broadcasts in minutes instead of hours.

Plus, it has three HDMI ports, so even if there isn’t enough room on the first screen ( Roku Stick), you can connect to another device through one of its inputs without hassle. 

With Insignia Smart TV, you can use the included voice remote with Alexa to control your television functions easily. These include power, volume, and navigation controls for quick access to other features like Netflix playback or Prime Video launch that are not found on regular remotes.

This Insignia smart TV is the perfect solution for those who want to watch their favorite shows and movies on a big screen without worrying about streaming limitations. Not only does it offer access to tens of thousands of Alexa skills like ordering pizza, checking scores from all major sports leagues, or playing games (and we’re not talking casuals!).

But with this device, you’ll also get full compatibility with Google Home so that every time something new comes out, everyone can enjoy watching it together as well.

TCL 32-inch Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV – 32S334, 2021 Model

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Key Features

With TCL HD LED smart TV under $300, the Google Assistant is always on, ready to help. A simple voice command from your sofa can be used as an entertainment control for thousands of available apps and devices, including turning the bright lights or dimming them anytime.

They even automatically adjust their brightness levels based on what you’re watching. In addition, the entire high definition (720p) resolution gives excellent detail that would otherwise not translate well through standard video streaming services like Netflix™.

In addition, slide show presentations made by connecting two projectors become interactive experiences when projected onto one large screen with 2k+ horizontal & vertical resolution, providing sharp images without artifacts.

The TCL HD LED smart TV lets you easily cast movies, shows, and photos from your Android or iOS device. The simplified home screen makes it easy for viewers to access their favorite entertainment in one place, while speedy app loading times mean quicker content streaming.

Not just on Netflix but also on live sports broadcasts! With over 700 thousand apps available through the Google Play Store alone (not counting YouTube), there’s something here waiting for YOU.

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Toshiba 43LF621U21 43-inch Smart 4K UHD with Dolby Vision – Fire TV, Released 2020

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Key Features

Toshiba 43LF621U21 smart TV under $300 is more innovative than ever with the all-new voice remote. With Alexa, you can use your voice to watch live TV or launch apps on screen while listening through speakers in seconds.

You’ll never have dull viewing again thanks to endless entertainment options, including 500K movies streaming from Netflix and thousands more available channels via cable subscriptions–including sports packages, so no matter what mood strikes everyone at any given time, they’ll be able to get their fix.

With Toshiba smart TV, you can seamlessly integrate live over-the-air TV and streaming channels into one unified home screen. Moreover, watch HDR content on your 4K TV. With an HDR-compatible set (like the ones we sell), not only do they let users enjoy high dynamic range movies like never before, but

But all their existing movie/TV show libraries will also be viewable in brilliant colors. And with packaging explicitly designed to unveil what’s inside without hiding anything at first glance, there are no more guessing games as soon as that box arrives on the front doorstep courtesy of UPS/FedEx, etc.

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Editor’s Final Verdict

You can find the best TVs under $300 by searching and comparing.

The key to purchasing one is paying attention to its specifications and what it offers in terms of features so that you know if it will fulfill all your viewing needs before making an expensive purchase decision!

Ensure there’s also someone who stands behind their product by checking warranties available at any point during use.

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