Cheap earbuds are often on sale but don’t consistently deliver the value they promise.

At the same time, it is getting easier and more accessible to see true-wireless models for under $100 (sometimes even less). 

Like any other expensive earbuds, the best cheap, true wireless earbuds may not deliver the best quality.

But you will love to know that now many reputed brands offer good cheap wireless earbuds for their customers, which have almost the same features that any expensive earbuds have.

We know some people will want to go the easy route and buy whatever headphones are on sale, but we don’t recommend it. You can get along with any pair of earbuds – even more than one.

But there’s also an opportunity cost when looking at cheap,p wireless earbuds since these may not be as durable or offer fancy features like ANC (active noise cancellation). We’ve taken all this into account while creating our top picks below:

Is It Worth Buying Wireless Earbuds?

Good, cheap Wireless earbuds are worth it if you want a free range of motion, connectivity to various devices, and excellent battery life.

In addition, the prices have come down in recent years, which provides many benefits. 

Like allowing for better movement without wires or constant charging sessions that give users less time during the day before needing another charge.

Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds | Top Pick

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TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging 

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Bluetooth 5.0

Stereo sound quality

One-step pairing

IPX8 waterproof

Long-lasting charging


Wireless charger not included

Key Features

The TOZO T10 Earbuds are the perfect choice for those looking to hear their music with clarity. With 8mm thick speaker drivers that deliver powerful bass down to 16Hz, these earphones will make you feel like your favorite song just came alive.

They’re also Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, so they connect instantly and never lose connection again no matter where you wander off to – it’s time we got back on board this thing called life.

With TOZO earbuds, you can take two headphones out of the charging case, which will automatically connect. You’ll then be able to pair your phone with one easy step after entering Bluetooth settings for it on either end (the headset or device). 

The latest waterproofing technology also prevents damage from sweat drops and raindrops at a depth of up to 1m—perfect if you’re going anywhere near a body of fresh water.

Playtime lasts 6 hours from a single charge and 30 with an additional case. Enjoy fast charging to charge your rechargeable battery wirelessly via a pad or less than two by plugging in through a USB-C cable.

The convenience is unmatched without any strings attached.

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Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds, Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones 

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IPX6 waterproof

Bluetooth 5.0 and Auto Switch


HiFi Stereo Sound

Up to 30 Hours of Playtime


No active noise canceling

Key Features

The Otium good cheap Wireless Earbuds are the most Compact wireless earphones on today’s market! They have Bluetooth 5.0 & Auto Switch. So you can seamlessly move between your primary and auxiliary devices without worrying about getting tangled up with cords or having an outdated connection – Pair It Up And Go. 

With CD-quality sound delivered wirelessly from each bud, these true-wireless headphones will provide hours of comfortable use thanks to their ergonomic design that fits any user perfectly.

The Wireless Earbuds are perfect for all your portable audio needs. These wireless earphones offer 4-5 hours of Playtime on a single charge (only 1 hour to recharge) and 30+ continuous hours with the mini portable charging case.

They come equipped with a Type C quick charge that can be fully charged in 90 minutes through their USB port or TypeC cable, making it more stable than standard chargers, so you don’t have any safety concerns while traveling abroad. 

Pairing is easy, too – remove them from this excellent little package after setting up via a one-step pairing process.

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Jabra Elite 3 in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Noise Isolating 

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Built-in microphones

Rich bass

Customizable sound

Intelligent noise control

Up to 7 hours of battery


The buds might go into the ears a little too far

Key Features

Jabra Earbuds are designed for you, your way of life, and your style. The powerful sound plus rich customization options will allow them to fit into any lifestyle. In addition, they’re equipped with an internal microphone that can be turned on or off as needed. 

So users don’t have the hassle of dealing with cords while running errands during lunch breaks or workdays. Instead, plug these discreetly around one’s neck if necessary (or not). Plus, there is no need to worry about losing charge because each set comes fully charged out-of-the-box.

Jabra’s newest Bluetooth earbuds, the Jabra Elite 3, offer crystal clear calls and music with four microphone technology. In addition, the latest digital signal processing means that these headphones can provide excellent sound quality while staying connected to your phone or tablet in any environment – rain or shine.

And because they’re so lightweight (less than an ounce), you’ll never have a problem holding onto them for hours during outdoor activities such as running errands around town, even if it starts pouring right when we step outside.

Get directions, play your favorite tunes, and instantly pair with the world’s most intelligent assistant: Alexa*. You can also take calls on Spotify Tap or Google Fast Pair without interrupting what you’re listening to.

Tailor music suits hearing profiles, so it sounds suitable for any situation – even when raining outside.* Android users get all this plus IP55 rainproof protection, making it perfect year-round.

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Skullcandy Dime True Wireless in-Ear Earbud – True Black

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12 hours of battery life

Auto Connect

Secure Noise Isolating Fit

IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant


Doesn’t work With The Skullcandy App

Key Features

The Skullcandy earbuds are designed to keep you listening, even in the most demanding situations. With a 12-hour battery life and an intuitive user interface for on-the-fly adjustments during playback of your favorite tunes or phone calls without having to take them out of your ears—these headphones will get you through almost anything.

You don’t have to struggle to connect these cheap wireless earbuds with your phone or tablet. Because these earbuds have auto-connect features, they can connect automatically with your smart gadgets. 

The perfect pair of earbuds for your next workout! These IPX4 sweat and water-resistant headphones have a Secure Noise Isolating Fit that blocks outside noise to help you focus on whatever music or phone conversations are happening around them. 

As well as an extra-wide canal that cushions the sound before sending it through delicate eardrums. They’re lightweight, so they don’t irritate even after hours at the gym.

Plus, their sleek design matches anything from jeans to swimwear without looking too big or bulky, like some other brands might.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 

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Android and iOS compatible

22 hours of serious sound

Wireless charging

Fast charging

Easy connectivity


Can’t connect with two devices at a time

Key Features

Galaxy Buds+ is the perfect fitting cheap wireless earbuds to isolate you from distracting noises so your focus can stay on what matters. In addition, a built-in 24/7 HiFi chip and Ambient Aware2 features allow for filtering in some outside world sounds. 

Such as airplane announcements or traffic while still enjoying music without interruption – these headphones will keep up and help enhance any listening experience.

The best-sounding earphones on the market, Galaxy Buds+, are your new go-to for a rich and confident voice. These two devices pair with Android or iOS smart devices to ensure you can take advantage of these features no matter what phone is in front of you.

The internal microphone captures all sound around it while picking up nothing else, giving listeners their purest form of communication possible through clear speaking without any outside interference – put clarity at its finest.

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