Laptops for Medical Students In 2021
Laptops for Medical Students In 2021

Are you a medical student? Then, look into the best laptops for medical students below.

There are different students in other regions, but medical students are somewhat different among all these categories. This phenomenon is because there are more studios and affiliates with research-based studies.

There are different means of studying and research. You can use a tablet, mobile phone, desktop computer, etc. Apart from these, the best portable devices, known as laptops, help you better than other means.

I am going to discuss the Best Laptop for Medical Students. By reading this article, you can decide and buy the best laptop.

Here are some essential and critical analyses of everything in notebooks, especially those features that can be discussed. Performance will be discussed in detail.

Review contents

List of the Best Laptops for Medical Students in 2024

What Factors Should Be Considered in the Best Laptop for Medical Students?


Now, first of all, you have to look at your medical needs. So that is why I need a laptop. So there are different reasons.

First, you can bring this device everywhere, which may be a classroom, a laboratory, or research at home. So, your first need is the portability of the invention. Weight is also a factor that can give you an advantage.

Then you have to focus on browsing on each laptop, that how much load a computer can handle because all the medical studies are on a research basis. For this issue, you have to look at the RAM and processing unit of the laptop.

You also have to look at the laptop’s display resolution because watching videos that must be in full resolution will help identify the objects in the microscope. Also, you need to know about the battery life and storage space on different laptops.

I have researched a lot of laptops and screened out some of the best laptops for medical students that can fulfill all their needs. I will also give you the advantages and disadvantages of each laptop.

Apple MacBook Air (Best Laptop for Medical Students)

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Review:

Display – 13 Inches Retina

The Display in this MacBook Air has a retina display. The retina is the brand name introduced for Apple screens. This screen combines four million pixels, and the resolutions are 2560 X 1600.

It has the quality to give you accurate colors and viewing angles. Especially in this laptop screen, it is modified 48% better than the previous version.

Storage – 512 GB SSD

The storage in this MacBook is SSD-based, and the capacity is 512GB. SSD storage is specially designed to work faster than hard disk drives. Also, it can consume low power from the battery. As a result, SSD is used widely in today’s latest-generation laptops.

Processor – Intel Core i7

The processing unit on this laptop is from the Intel family. The model is a core i7, and the processing capacity is up to 2.2GHz. This processor uses dual cores for processing the data.

Ram – 8 GB LPDDR3

The RAM used in this laptop with an i7 2.2 GHz processor is LPDDR3, and the storage capacity is 8GB. The 8 GB with this combination is much enough. The LPDDR3 is also the latest technology used for double-speed processing compared to the previous version.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 6000

The graphics used in this MacBook are integrated, and from the Intel Graphics, the model is Intel Graphics HD 6000. Integrated graphics don’t have separate coprocessors, but use the laptop’s processor and RAM to show you graphical interfaces.

Operating System – Mac New features Introduced by Powerful Users.

The operating system in this MacBook is Mac-based. This operating system is specially designed for the hardware combination in this laptop to be more reliable.

Battery – 12 Hours Life Span

The battery life in this MacBook is long, lasting up to 10 hours. So you can work on them in the classroom or a laboratory for long hours of research or study.

Extra Features – Secured Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner is the best feature of this MacBook Air because it has two types of use. One is that you can use it to unlock your whole operating system, meaning you don’t need to enter the password but touch your finger, and the system will be logged on. Another feature is that you can lock and access the specified files and folders on the laptop.


  • Fast Performance.
  • Finger Print Security.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • Ultra Slim and Smart Portable.
  • Long-Lasting Battery.


  • An Expensive Laptop.
  • Only Support Mac Base Apps.

2019 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 2.3GHz Intel Core i9) - Silver

 out of stock

2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop: Apple M1 Chip, 13” Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage, Backlit Keyboard, FaceTime HD Camera, Touch ID. Works with iPhone/iPad; Gold

 in stock
3 new from $899.00
22 used from $629.23
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray (Latest Model) Z124000FK

$1,178.96  in stock
4 new from $1,177.33
1 used from $1,069.55
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray (Previous Model)

 in stock
1 used from $894.95
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

ASUS Vivo Book S Laptop

ASUS Vivo Book S Laptop Review:

Display – 15.6 Inches Wide view Nano Edge

The Display in this laptop is 15.6 inches, and this is Nano Edge. Therefore, they have a more body ratio of about 80 %. This screen is also FHD, a full high definition that helps you display content in more accurate colors.

This is a vibrant display of colors, and the resolutions are 1920 X 1080. It looks just perfect in this range of laptops.

Storage – Hybrid Drives Hypercharge storage (128GB SSD + 1TB HDD)

The storage space for data on this laptop is hybrid drives. The latest technology is SSD, and its capacity is 256 GB. On the other side, it also uses a hard disk drive, and its role is 1 TB.

SSD is specially designed to work faster and consume low battery power. It connected to the laptop’s motherboard through a single, which didn’t drink too much power.

The hard disk drive is built into the motherboard, and it saves and processes your data by means of a rotating disk within the hard disk.

Processor – Intel Core i7-8565U

The processor used in this laptop is from Intel’s latest family, i7. The model is i7-8565U, and the boost frequency of this processor is from 1.8GHz to 4.6GHz.

Intel has a competitive advantage because it is designed to transform your data faster and consume low power. It processes your data by the use of four cores. The TDP of this processor is 15W.

Ram – 8 GB DDR4 Multitasking Capability

The RAM in this laptop has an 8 GB capacity, and the family is the latest DDR4. So it can multitask and calculate everything for your processor efficiently.

It is highly recommended for medical students because it has smooth and fluent performance and multitasking.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics

ASUS uses the integrated HD graphics from Intel. Integrated graphics from Intel didn’t use separate processors and RAM to do graphical work. Instead, it uses the laptop’s processor and RAM.

Operating System – Windows 10 64-bit

The operating system in this laptop is based on Microsoft Windows 10. The bit rate is 64. You can access the Microsoft Store to download and install some applications.

Fingerprint – Security Scanner

The fingerprint scanner on this laptop is an extra feature. This scanner keeps your computer secured and protected. You can log in to your computer through a fingerprint, and there is no need to put passwords.

Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard – Physical Muscle Relief

Ergonomic is the latest technology used in keyboards and mice to avoid physical pain relief and makes you able to use it for long hours. This keyboard is also backlit and allows you to type in low lights.


  • Price and performance are the best.
  • Lightweight and portable laptop.
  • Nano Edge Display.
  • Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard.


  • No Touchscreen.

ASUS VivoBook S Thin & Light Laptop, 14" FHD, Intel Core i7-8550U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, GeForce MX150, NanoEdge Display, Backlit Kbd, FP Sensor - S410UN-NS74

 out of stock

ASUS VivoBook 15 F515 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD Display, Intel Core i3-1005G1 Processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB PCIe SSD, Fingerprint Reader, Windows 10 Home in S Mode, Slate Grey, F515JA-AH31

 in stock
14 new from $298.99
6 used from $249.99
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD, Intel i5-1035G1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Backlit KB, Fingerprint, Windows 10, Slate Gray, F512JA-AS54

 in stock
17 new from $477.00
8 used from $254.19
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

HP Elite X2 1012 G1 Laptop

HP Elite X2 1012 G1 Laptop Review:

Display – 12 Inches FHD IPS Touchscreen

The Display in this laptop is 12 inches, with a full HD IPS touchscreen. Full high definition will make your screen show content with accurate colors. The resolutions are 1920 X 1080.

Also, this is a touchscreen display. Also, HP uses corning gorilla glass. The gorilla glass is used to resist external damage and scratches on the screen.

Storage – 256 GB SSD Boost Technology

The storage space in this laptop is based on SSD, and the capacity is 256 GB. SSD is made to save battery power, and if you install applications, it will boost in seconds. It also works faster on installed Windows to run fluently.

Processor – Intel Core M5-6Y54

The processing unit in this laptop is from the Intel Core M family. The model is Intel core m5-6y54. This processor operates from 1.1 GHz to 2.7 GHz. This series was launched in 2015.

Also, this processor can work better in graphics performance. This is because it shows you more visuals, giving you the natural feel of watching movies or other graphical interfaces.

Ram – 8 GB DDR3 Efficient Results

The RAM capacity in this laptop is 8 GB, which is from DDR3. This ram performs better operations than the previous versions. It also took less time to calculate data and make it available to the processing unit to process it.

Operating System – Windows 10 Professional

The operating system in this laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. It works through a 64-bit system.

Windows 10 Pro allows you to access most new features compared to the previous version, like Windows 10 Home, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. This window has more features to benefit from, especially for professionals.

Webcam – Dual Module – Front and Back Cameras

The webcams are dual-module-based. It means there are two cameras on this laptop, the front and rear. The front camera is 2MP, and the rear camera is 5 MP.

You can use both the cameras in this laptop for video calling, recording, etc… For medical students, it is beneficial because many of you will discuss research studies with your friend’s teachers and supervisors.

Convertible – 2 IN 1

HP Elite X2 is a 2-in-1 Convertable laptop. You can use this as a laptop and also in tablet mode. You can also detach the keyboard from this laptop.

It gives you the option to be more portable. Thus you can bring it everywhere quickly. This is also the best feature for medical students because you should bring your laptop to the classroom or the research center to work.

Battery – 10.25 Hours Long Life Span

The battery of this laptop has a long life span and leads to your use of up to 10.25 hours. So you can work on this laptop for a long day. This is the best option and extends the laptop to be more portable.


  • 2 IN 1 Convertible laptop.
  • Smart and Portable Device.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Touch Display.
  • Travel Keyboard.


  • Expensive in these configurations.

HP Elite x2 1012 12in IPS Touch 1920x1280, Intel M5-6Y54(1.10GHz), 8GB SDRAM, 128GB SSD, Inttel HD Graphics 515, 802.11ac + BT, G1 Travel Keyboard, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit ENGLISH (Renewed)

 out of stock

Microsoft Surface Laptop (laptop with stylus pen)

Microsoft Surface Laptop Review:

Display – 13.5 Inches Edge to Edge Touchscreen

This laptop is equipped with an edge-to-edge 13.5-inch touch screen. It covers almost 90% of the body ratio.

It shows you high-density pixels on contents to satisfy you. This is also a touch screen where you can use your laptop without a keyboard or sensor pad.

Storage – 1 TB SSD

The storage space in this surface laptop is 1 TB and is based on solid-state drives. SSD has faster performance in booting your computer and a faster data transfer rate. The extra feature of this hard drive is that it reduces power consumption.

Processor – Intel Core i7 Latest Technology and Efficient Performance

The processor in the Surface laptop is Intel Core i7, and it has a boost-up performance of up to 4GHz. The Intel latest generation being used in this laptop is faster in version and saves battery power to be more efficient.

Ram – 16 GB

The 16 GB capacity of this laptop is enough with the Intel i7 processor combination. It can multitask fluently. It calculates your processing data faster and quickly.

Operating System – Windows 10 S (Speed and Security)

The operating system in this laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 S. S, here stands for speed. It makes this window different in performance and security.

It keeps you more secure and efficient online than the previous version. In comparison, it boots your laptop in 15 seconds. Also, it can run a massive operating system on standard configurations.

Battery – 14.5 Hours Video Playback

The battery power consumption on this laptop is very intensive. You can watch videos for up to 14.5 hours on a single charge.

It is the best portable surface laptop for medical students. You can easily take it everywhere and work all the time without connecting it to the charger.


  • Best Configurations and Excellent Operating System.
  • Ultra-thin and Smart Laptop.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life.
  • Fabric Cover Keyboard.


  • An Expensive Laptop.

Huawei Mate Book X Pro

Huawei Mate Book X Pro Review:

Display – 13.9 Inches 3K Touchscreen 178 Degree Viewing Angles

This is the world’s first full-view Display on this laptop. It covers a 91% body ratio of the laptop. This screen is 13.9 inches, and the resolution is 3k (3000 X 2000). It also gives you viewing angles up to 178 degrees.

Storage – 512 GB SSD Fast Booting and Data Transfer rate

The storage in this laptop is SSD-based, and the capacity is 512 GB. SSD has fast booted-up performance. If you have installed a window in the SSD base, it will boot your laptop in seconds. Also, it has faster data transfer than hard disk drives.

Processor – Intel i7-8550U

The processor in this laptop is from the Intel family and the latest generation used. This is Intel Core i7-8550U. This is from the latest 8th generation.

The operation speed frequency is up to 4.0 GHz. Also, it saves your battery power to be more efficient.

Ram – 16 GB LPDDR3

The RAM in this laptop has a 16 GB capacity. The LPDDR3 is made better than DDR3 on the performance side. If you are running multitasks, it will go through smoothly and with no interference.


The graphics card unit in this laptop is from the world’s well-known brand, NVIDIA. The model is NVIDIA GEFORCE MX150. It was announced in 2017. It handles heavy graphical work very quickly, and the TDP of this GPU is 25 W.

Battery – 15 Hours Web Browsing 12 Hours Video Playback

The battery power of this laptop can lead you to a long day. You can browse on this laptop in 12 hours. The video playback on this laptop leads to 12 hours, and the official work can be done for up to 14 hours.


  • 91% Display to Body Ratio.
  • 178 Degree Viewing Angles.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Bright and Slim Portable Laptop.
  • Fingerprint Scanner.


  • The price is so high.

Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9" 3K Touch, 8th Gen i7-8550U, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, GeForce MX150, 3:2 Aspect Ratio, Office 365 Personal, Space Gray - Mach-W29C

$790.00  in stock
3 used from $790.00
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G-R6MP

Acer Swift 3 SF315 Laptop Review:

Display – 15.6″ Full HD IPS Corning Gorilla Glass

The Display equipped in this laptop is 15.6 inches in size. This is a full HD IPS display. Full HD will give you accurate colors on Display. And the IPS will help you view the different contents from more angles.

The use of corning gorilla glass is that it can resist external damage and scratches on the screen.

Storage – 256 GB SSD

The storage in this device is SSD-based, and the capacity is 256 GB. This is enough storage for normal operations. It works faster as compared to hard disk drives.

Processor – AMD RYZEN 7 2700U

Acer Swift 3 is equipped with an AMD RYZEN 7 processor. It uses four cores to process the data. The base clock is 2.2GHz, and the boost-up clock rate is 3.8GHz. The TDP of this processor is, by default, 15W.

AMD processor is a powerful word processor, and the prices are also reasonable compared to Intel. But sometimes, it leads you to more battery power consumption.

Ram – 8 GB DDR4 Latest Generation

The RAM in this laptop is from DDR4, and the capacity is 8GB. With the above collection of processors, 8 GB capacity is much enough. The DDR4 adds extra effort of having the best performance than the previous version And you can work on it fluently and smoothly..

Operating System – Windows 10

This laptop is based on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Where you can work on many applications efficiently, it also allows the Microsoft store to download and install the apps you use. Also, you can work with Microsoft spreadsheets efficiently.

Battery – 9 Hours Extended Life Span

The battery power of this laptop is 9 hours. This is the extended life span of this battery. So you can work on them for a long time. Most of the time, it is hard to bring a charger everywhere.

Extra Features – Finger Print Scanner + Backlit Keyboard

The additional feature of this laptop is the fingerprint scanner. It is used for security reasons. It keeps your data protected and secure; you can only access it by touching the sensor.

The backlit keyboard is an extra feature that makes it more efficient; you can work for a long time in low-light situations.


  • Gorilla Glass FHD IPS Display.
  • Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • Extended Battery Life.


  • No Touchscreen.

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G-R6MP Laptop, 15.6" Full HD IPS Display, AMD Ryzen 7 2700U, AMD Radeon RX 540 Graphics, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Windows 10

$1,399.00  in stock
1 used from $1,399.00
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

Acer Swift 3 SF315 Laptop: Core i7-8550U, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 15.6" Full HD IPS Display, Windows 10 (Luxury Gold)

$499.99  in stock
1 used from $499.99
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

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Dell XPS 9360-5203SLV-PUS

Display – 13.3 Inches FHD Infinity Touch

The Display on this laptop is 13.3 inches in size. This is a full HD infinity touch display. The resolutions are 1920 X 1080. This screen is specially modified with cinematic colors. This Display gives you a natural feel while watching videos or doing graphical work. It is the best option for medical students because this is the Display where you can look and examine the microscopic study by watching videos.

Storage – 128 GB SSD

The storage space has 128 GB capacity. It is based on SSD; SSD is the best option for faster processing. The window and other software installed on the SSD storage load files within seconds.

Processor – Intel Core i5-8250U

The processor on this laptop is Intel i5-8250U. This processor has four cores to process your data. More cores help you process faster when you are multitasking on the computer. This is the latest generation used by Intel. It is designed to save battery power and perform more quickly.

Ram – 8 GB LPDDR3

This laptop has 8GB RAM, and the model is LPDDR3. The LPDDR3 has faster data calculating time as compared to the previous version. It is also modified to consume low battery power.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics

The graphics card unit in this laptop is Intel HD, and this is an integrated GPU. The integrated GPU works through the RAM’s processor and RAM to do the graphical interface. The reason behind this is that it saves battery power as compared to other GPUs.

Operating System – Windows 10 Home

The operating system on this laptop is Windows Ten Home. Windows 10 is the modified version of Microsoft Windows 10. This is mainly used for individuals and households, or even students can benefit from it.

Battery – 13 Hours Life Span

The battery in this laptop is very extended, and it can handle all your operations in just one charge. You can browse and multitask on this laptop conveniently and for a long time. This is the best option to take everywhere with you on portable laptops.


  • It is the latest-generation processor with Dell Dynamic Power Mode.
  • Widescreen Infinity Touch Display.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life.
  • USB 3.0 Ports.
  • Lightweight Laptop.


  • No CD/DVD Drive.

Dell XPS9360-5203SLV-PUS 13.3" FHD InfinityEdge Touch Screen- 8th Gen-Intel Core i5- 8GB Memory-128 GB (SSD) HD, Intel HD Graphics, Silver

$799.99  in stock
7 used from $399.00
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

Dell XPS 13 9360 Laptop (13.3" InfinityEdge Touchscreen FHD (1920x1080), Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core i5-8250U, 128GB M.2 SSD, 8GB RAM, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10)- Silver

$899.99  in stock
4 used from $416.99
as of June 17, 2024 8:29 am

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Final Thoughts

This research took too long to finalize the Best Laptop for Medical Students because there are too many critical issues to consider while buying a laptop.

I discuss the above-listed laptops from different price ranges and configurations.

The above-listed laptops are mainly of two types. One is the High-end Laptop, and the other is the Medium range laptop. The high-end notebook is from the latest generation and has the highest configurations.

Unfortunately, their prices have also increased, and these products are expensive.

On the other side, there is a medium range of laptops. That is not the latest generation but the best of his time.

As new technology comes into the market, it replaces the old one. So this is also the best laptop but has no highest configurations.

Now, you can choose which laptop type you need and how much your pocket power is. If you can afford it, the high-end is the best option.

And if you don’t have too much money, go for the medium-range laptops.

If you believe in a medium-range notebook, it will also be satisfactory and won’t get you in trouble.

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